Friday, May 20, 2011

walks with siku.

siku is my brother's dog. he is a hyper, strawberry blonde siberian husky.  like most huskies he is super hairy; i lovingly refer to him as mr. fluffy butt or seekers. the neighbor kids call him our fox (i have no idea why). siku doesn't really bark-he more like gargles roo sounds, but he guards our street with pride.

he loves to swim, eat, and go on long walks with scenic views, its no wonder that we get along so well.
he became part of the fam a couple years ago and i've been told his name means "ice man" and that seems to fit.

each year when i come home for a visit, siku and i go on walks. most of our walks are on the trails near the river 'cause siku and i love to get wet and splash about. at least a couple times a week, i grab his red leash and we set out on our adventures. sometimes we invite other family members to come along. ;)

besides the exercise, beauty of nature, and bonding time, my favorite part about walks with siku are the comments he brings about. once a pair of older ladies asked us for directions to the vineyard and then ask how i trained a wolf to be so well behaved. many folks let me know "thats a beautiful dog" which always fills me with pride. an older gentlemen once commented on how siku was walking me not me walking him, and chuckled to himself as we pasted by. yet, the best comment we ever got was last week.

i had just loaded seekers into the back of the pickup and had started to drive away from the trails just as the county's chain gang of litter-duty incarcerated males were waltzing into the area. i distinctly heard one say to another: "check that out! that is one fine (expletive) woman, she drives a truck and check out that sick-awesome dog!" 

i'm moving back to utah next week; i sure am gonna miss my time with that dog. 

26. walking the family dog: siku.