Thursday, December 29, 2011

catching up.

i finally published a few post i wrote months ago, and at 3 in the morning i couldn't figure out why i didn't post them before, so hopefully they aren't horrible. the orange toe nail one is a bit silly but then again so am i. currently my figure nails are rainbow glittery and my toe nails are ombre purple. what can i say i have a thing for styling my finger nails. 

when i started this blog i had a plan to make some grand list of my reasons i'm glad i'm alive. at times i was diligent and i had/made the time to update this thing. if you hadn't noticed at times i just didn't. 

i still have a post unfinished from july about hp7p2 and how harry "has his mother's eyes". my friends and i dressed up like characters for the midnight premier, and i of course went as the goofiest looking of all of us. can you spot me? (far left seriously ridiculous! i could banish a boggart)

i wanted to write about really good chinese food, white v-neck's, dancing on i15, and spontaneity. Just never did find my circular tuit. bast! if only i could find another round tuit i might get somethings done. 

then there was the adventurous camping/barefoot hiking in a gulch. i'm pretty sure i started the no shoes trend, but another member of the journey gave up their socks before i did. in essence an entire blog could be written just about that one trip, so i think the idea of posting about it was almost too daunting. 

look there are a lot of excuses why i didn't keep up with writing down my reasons.
it is just the way 2011 was... i lived in three different states, had a couple different jobs, attended school, put some odd thousand number of miles on my car, traveled, thought i found love turns out it was just heartburn which i totally got a prescription for, gained a few pounds, cut and colored my hair a few times, decided to go on a mission,
made mistakes, made more money, laughed more than ever, cried more than ever, nannied, cooked, kid history, went to the zoo, sea world, a rodeo, breathing, swimming, ate with my hands, swam in the ocean, fell in love with loco moco and parasailing while in oahu, said a few goodbyes and a few see you laters, caught fish, roasted mallows and bursts, posted silly youtube videos, went to at least eight temples for lots of wonderful reasons, spent time with family, spent time with friends, put on war paint, had christmas in july, painted with pudding (mr. day still owes me some pudding), waxed, bought shoes lots of shoes, listened to prophets, got beautiful flowers, dinner group, had so swiss moments, drank lemonade, wore a big sun hat, painted, dated, decorated, practice a little bball, learned, taught, went to the gym, dressed like a pirate, ate some more especially half birthday cake, shopped with best friends, survived gas leaks, stalked someone somewhat famous (ok not really, but sorta, check my older posts), dressed up like a cowgirl, supported my family, went to a swim meet (it had been so long since i have been to one), gave gifts, the bouch, showered, bathed, read, breakfast club, went to the winery i always wanted to go to, reunited to dear friends, sleepovers, stayed up all night talking, texted, wrote letters, painted a styrofoam solar system, blogged, ultimate college party, fed birds, went to weddings, pulled pranks, played tennis, tinkered with the piano, and so much more. . .

basically, i have been busy living. is to a great year! 2011. nothing like what i expect: admittedly  worse and at the same time so much better. i wouldn't re-live ya even if someone paid me a million bucks, but i wouldn't give you up for all the monies on earth. you've been a crazy year, my only hope is that 2012 can rise up to the challenge of following your act. 

life goes by fast, there is no doubt about it; i am so grateful to just enjoy it, especially getting to know the amazing (that is to say awe-inspiring) people that are a part of my life. i've come to realize that don't need to keep up "the list" yet it is still nice to sorta jot it down. 

thanks for all the good times in 2011. :))

as my loyal reader, i especially want to thank you, and i want to hear about the your year and   hopefully the good good times we shared in 2011. if you have any memories from this past year you can share or thoughts or reasons to live/things to remember post below! :))
or email me, or call me (until feb 12th, 2012), or write me, or send up smoke signals, or let me know if i should learn brail or morse code ;)