my list.

every blog is different. well...duh! 
mine is my way of reflecting on moments in my life and proving that i have lived. its my hope that the thoughts, stories, and such i share will help you get to know me a little better and i imagine that many of you will smile and/or laugh when you read my posts. 
one of the things that i love about my blog is my continuing list of reasons, which is quite possibly the only thing that connects these random posts together. they are my reasons to live, things to remember, morals for life's interesting moments. not all my posts are apart of this list but many of them are and for your reading convenience (drum roll please) i have compiled this list with links to the relative posts. i'm personally very excited about this added feature to the blog and i promise to update this as the list grows. anyways, without further ado:

1. starting a blog
2. being locked out
3. assignments
4. eat a bit of dessert first
5. youtube videos that make you laugh
6. running
7. heading home from home
8. free food
9. stop to dip your feet in the creek
10. kayaking
11. get angry
12. dollar theatre movie nights
13. simple things that make your day
14. long talks with a good friend
15. the commons at the cannon center
16. drama
17. just being
18. warhead candy
19. brownies
20. doing all the things that make me feel better
21. blogging in the sky