Thursday, September 8, 2011

a few things i know

i was typing out another post, when i realized that it was super vague and i thought to myself: what is the point of this? why not just say what i'm trying to say without the allegory? so i'm going to try that. we'll see how it goes. call me, email me, leave a comment, whatever you'd like if you want to know more and or how i know, if that made any sense or if it doesn't make sense. i wold love to talk with you.

i know:
i would do anything for my family, they are the most important people to me.
my family does not just consist of my blood relatives (see my blog about family).
my siblings are my best friends.
i can count on my brother, sister, mother, and father.
the english alphabet.
that the bible and book of mormon are inspired texts and that by reading them anyone can find peace and increased joy.
i can make tasty foods.
that midst my doubts and confusion, i am doing what is right in my life at this point in time.
i was born with a privileged life and that i often complain about my first world blessing.
an attitude of gratitude leads to happiness.
i am not the best runner, but both my legs work and i can run if necessary.
i love people.
how to do basic math and some maths that are more complicated.
that Jesus Christ is my redeemer.
that Christ's atoning power can heal us completely and we can feel whole again and have peace in our lives by following Him.
Heavenly Father loves his children.
we are children of God.

my plane is boarding now.

i hope to add more to this list soon.
thanks for reading. :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

day watch

lately i've been spending my time working on another type of blog. its a bit of a practical joke. please check it out!
nik is a good friend of mine and day watch is sort of his day he was joking about how i should start a stalker/fan club blog all about him. thus the idea was born and my roommate and i have been making it better ever since.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

its been some time since i've posted. i assure you that my lack of published posts is not because i'm short of topics or interesting life stories, but rather that i haven't made the time to sit down and write. i apologize, the build up has been dull and this post will be rather long. i'm hoping that some photos will make up for things just a bit. 
to sum up: i've done a lot over the past five months...
driven thousands of miles

the grand canyon, it is really big!

flew to hawaii

helped babycakes get ready for prom
said goodbye to my baby brother
(he is serving a mission in brazil for two years)
got matching tmnt pj's
for my sister's 17th
saw water at flood stage 
went fishing with my g-pa