Friday, June 24, 2011

dearest readers.

a bakers dozen of you actually follow my blog and even less leave comments. i imagine this is probably because i lack the ability to post regularly. it is the possibly, that when i do post, my life stories aren't interesting to the masses. yet, for whatever reason (hi mom, hi dad) you continue to read my cheesy little blog....arg...i can't seem to think and type and express what i'm trying to say...basically...thank you. :)) thanks reading this here blog. 

my life has changed a lot over the past few months and i have about a bajillion things i've wanted to blog about so...dear reader there will be more posts coming to you soon. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

blog worthy.

this might sound vain, but i've always wanted to have a newspaper article about me. i guess this dream started when i was a wee tyke i thought the ultimate coolest thing was having your name appear in a newspaper article. seriously! that it is so cool! cause it means you witnessed something noteworthy, or did something other people would want to read about, and you can call up your grandma and be like: "grandma did you see the paper today? section x page x. pretty sweet, right?" big moments in a life can be shared and people can save that story forever and ever. 
in the 4th grade i got to be on tv and sure it was a couple minutes long, but that was not as cool as the newspaper. of course having the local news anchor interview me was kinda awesome, but your mom can't cut that out and put it on your refrigerator.
then in high school my dreams came true. my name was mentioned in a list for honor roll, a few press releases, a few community events, plays, sports teams, fundraisers, etc. i don't know that any of them ever made in on the be fair my parents really don't put anything on the fridge.
i still thought having my name printed in a newspaper article was cool, but it never got in the paper for saving a baby from a burning building or witnesses a robbery. it seemed like i was just living my regular life and somehow a journalist found out about little ole me. 
overtime goals and dreams change, right? since i became a part of the blogging world (a couple years ago) i secretly wished that my name would crop up in a friend's post. so i could call my mom up and be like: "yo mom! check out this blog...i know sweet right?!? yup thats me, your daughter, being mentioned in a blog"
i never really thought this would happen, then a few weeks ago this post nothin but nettie was added to adventures of a flunking honor student. it is an entire post about me. i was shocked. i am very honored and humbled and a little bit embarrassed cause frankly this post shows off an interesting side of me. again it wasn't like i'd done anything special or blog worthy, just living. but mr. inman's blog it made me realized that wanting to be mentioned in a blog has a lot less to do with my vanity and is more a having validation that i'm living a life worth remembering
i am so grateful for the experiences and opportunities i've have in my life and especially grateful for all the people i've met along the way. thank you for remembering our time together xoxoxo. 

27. having someone blog about me aka being remembered.