Saturday, September 18, 2010

my very own blog.

so…this is my blog. my very own blog. i’ve wanted to start it for awhile, and i finally got the guts to do it :] it’s not like i’m new to the blogging world: i’ve posted my thoughts about my dull classes on many different assigned blogs for lazy professors and the whole wide world to see. instead of yammering away about this article or that lecture, all i really wanted to do was write about something else…usually anything else. then one day it hit me, an epiphany or something, i should write about what i actually know…then i remembered in my 20 years of life i don’t really know much. i’m not that good at grammer, and i probably have already misplaced a few commas in this post, i don’t have too much life experience, wisdom, or education, i probably know more about harry potter than united states history…but i do know about my life. i haven’t done much, but what i have done are things worth living for. so this blog will serve as my reminder of what a miracle life is. i want to remember all the reasons to live, or maybe a better way to phrase it is: to prove i lived, moments that weren’t just sucking up air wasting space. most of them will be personal things that i’ve done or that have happened to me, but if you’re reading this i’m fairly certain you are human or possibly an extra terrestrial with earthly internet access, either way most of the things on my blog will probably match up with things you’ve done too, things that prove you’ve lived. maybe one of my little reasons will inspire you to try something new, different, fun, crazy, wonderful, peaceful. so here’s to living and blogging about it. :]
1. starting a blog just for me and maybe a few readers that find what i have to say worth their time.

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  1. YAY!!! I totally could hear you saying this stuff :) I'm excited to see how your blog goes!